A former team Canada Track Cyclist, turned entrepreneur, actor, model, personal trainer and now, an educator on how to increase the amount of adventure in your life.

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Mark Milburn

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About Me

Mark is known as a gifted athlete who is also an "Adrenaline and Nature Junkie".  He is driven by experiencing unique adventures in the great outdoors, as well as inspiring others to get out and do the same.  His love of diverse experiences in nature has led him to guiding tours and taking others on adventures such as: Heli Skiing the glaciers of Northern Canada, repelling into hidden crevasses, climbing on the Mont Blanc Massif and taking kids on mountain biking tours of the Swiss Alps.

Mark is also a model, educator and public speaker.





Why does Mark do what he does?


Mark is driven by experiencing new things, feeling good, and sharing this with other people. There aren’t many things he won’t try. And when he finds something he likes, he needs to share it with as many people he can find.

How does Mark do it? 


It’s not enough to try something. If Mark decides he is going to do something, he needs to do it “the best”. He sinks his entire being into it. 

What does Mark do? 


Mark tends to do things that are active, and healthy. They tend to be outdoors, but not always. It is not that he is obsessed with being healthy. It is just that being healthy feels good, and leads to more energy - something that Mark has lots of, and is somehow able to find and inspire in others.